As of 2016-01-20 Project: Merge is officially a discontinued product
and we are therefore no longer selling new licences.

Existing licences and installations of Project: Merge will continue to work,
and most of this website will continue to exist.

We do, however, have a new website at where you can find information
about the successor to Project: Merge, Oso XML Merge.

All accounts for this website have been migrated over to the new site, and you should be able to
view and edit your existing licences as before - as well as upgrade them to Oso XML Merge licences.

Minimum System Requirements

1GHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon XP.

128MB of RAM.

Hard Drive
2MB of free space on the system drive.

Operating System
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2008 R2.
All released versions of Project: Merge can be found on this page. All releases are listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent release listed first. Each release entry has a list of changes from the previous release.

All versions of Project: Merge come with a free 30-day evaluation licence. Due to the fact that Project: Merge is now a discontinued product, you will not be able to use Project: Merge after this trial period. (Unless you have an existing licence, of course.) We therefore strongly recommend you download and evaluate Oso XML Merge instead.

Project: Merge is currently available and supported for the Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems.¹

Project: Merge has been tested with both the 32-bit and the 64-bit editions of the above operating systems.
2011-03-05 - 1.0.1338
  • Added an error message when attempting to load files that are not XML.
  • FIX: Fixed crash when running behind certain corporate firewalls/proxies.
  • FIX: Fixed bug that would corrupt XML files written to ISO-8859-15.
2011-01-18 - 1.0.1321
  • Added support for generating a report file for the current session.
  • Added a temporary fix to prevent the progress bar from being displayed when operating in silent mode.
2010-12-09 - 1.0.1261
  • Added support for code page ISO/IEC 8859-1:1987.
  • Slightly improved the performance of the XML parser.
  • FIX: Improved the message displayed when attempting to open an XML file that uses an unsupported character encoding.
  • FIX: Fixed minor caret positioning problem when editing attribute values for base and right files.
2010-11-22 - 1.0.1240
  • Slightly improved performance when performing node matching during the final stages of loading.
  • Changed the way comments and content blocks are matched.
  • FIX: Fixed crash when saving content and comment blocks that had been selectively removed during a merge.
2010-11-18 - 1.0.1227
  • Added support for XML namespaces.
  • Added a check for attribute values that are not correctly quoted.
  • Added real support for simple document type declarations.
  • Included an XML file format specification for StratML files.
  • FIX: Fixed minor formatting problem with the differences/conflicts text on the toolbar.
  • FIX: Fixed crash that could occur when trying to display very long lines of text.
  • FIX: Improved the way whitespace is managed to help retain as much of the original document formatting as possible.
  • FIX: Slightly improved the visible appearance of highlighted selector blocks.
2010-10-20 - 1.0.1168
  • Added support for code page ISO/IEC 8859-15:1999.
2010-10-13 - 1.0.1167
  • Greatly improved the display performance when using fixed-width fonts.
  • Removed the ability to copy XML nodes when comparing files. (Minor performance optimisation.)
  • It's now possible to immediately retry registering Project: Merge when the registration server cannot be contacted.
  • Improved UI performance slightly when translating components to other languages.
  • FIX: Changing font size with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel now correctly refreshes the screen again.
  • FIX: Changing font parameters in the Display Preferences also correctly refreshes the screen when the preferences dialog is closed.
  • FIX: Made sure the User ID is still rewritten to the registry even if the evaluation period has expired.
  • FIX: The Update Dialog now always closes correctly when the Download button is pressed.
  • FIX: Fixed a race condition in the memory manager that could have caused the occasional crash on start up.
  • FIX: Fixed some other potential crashes when running under low memory conditions.
2010-09-21 - 1.0.1094
  • Removed the concept of groups from the format specification system.
    • Existing grouped format specifications are converted on startup.
    • The group panel from the Preferences Dialog has been removed.
    • A format specification file (.pmfmt) now contains just a single file format specification.
  • Changed the way the highlighted selector is drawn. Now all border lines are drawn blue or red for differences and conflicts respectively.
  • Slightly lightened the outer selection box and made the selector row backgrounds visible through it.
  • Added the root XML element name to the file specification preferences panel.
  • FIX: Removed a minor inconsistancy regarding when the Save menu/toolbar items are available.
  • FIX: Ensured the message box warning about saving with conflicts was shown before selecting a destination file when using the 'Save As' menu option.
  • FIX: The right-click 'Properties' menu option now selects the correct preferences page again. (This was inadvertantly broken in the previous release while fixing a minor issue with the preferences dialog.)
  • FIX: It is no longer possible to select a source (left, base, right) through the menus or toolbar when comparing files.
  • FIX: Merge results can no longer be accidentally lost when opening new files for comparison.
  • FIX: The 'Resolve to Base' menu option is no longer incorrectly disabled when merging three files.
  • FIX: The undo/redo chain is now correctly cleared when loading new files.
2010-09-11 - 1.0.1029
  • Added an informational message when creating new format specifications informing the user how to access the element specification properties.
  • Added support for editing character content and comment blocks of text when merging.
  • Added a way to select a format specification when multiple formats support the same root element.
  • Cleaned up the display of comment blocks - The opening <!-- and closing --> are no longer on separate lines.
  • The first difference or conflict is now automatically selected when loading files.
  • FIX: Pasting long filenames into the combo/edit boxes in the Open Dialog no longer truncates them.
  • FIX: Fixed similar problems with other combo/edit boxes in the Search and Create Format Specification dialogs.
  • FIX: Content and comment blocks no longer incorrectly count the number of lines they occupy.
  • FIX: Made the format selection algorithm early-out if there was only one format specification that matched the incoming root element.
2010-08-22 - 1.0.823
  • Added the currently open filenames to the title bar.
  • FIX: Recent file list was duplicating filenames with different character cases.
  • FIX: It was possible to create format specification groups with names containing spaces and other non-alphabetic characters.
  • FIX: The left edge of a selector was missing for selectors of root nodes.
  • FIX: Indentation was broken slightly when selectors appeared at the root level.
  • FIX: The incorrect mouse cursor was displayed when a selector was scrolled off the left side of the display.
  • FIX: Width calculation for content and comment blocks was broken due to how these blocks store sparse line information.
  • FIX: Elements without defining identifiers are no longer mistakingly matched to elements with different tags.
2010-08-16 - 1.0.786
  • First public release.
¹ - Windows and Windows Vista are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.