As of 2016-01-20 Project: Merge is officially a discontinued product
and we are therefore no longer selling new licences.

Existing licences and installations of Project: Merge will continue to work,
and most of this website will continue to exist.

We do, however, have a new website at where you can find information
about the successor to Project: Merge, Oso XML Merge.

All accounts for this website have been migrated over to the new site, and you should be able to
view and edit your existing licences as before - as well as upgrade them to Oso XML Merge licences.

6 - User Interface Reference
2 - Dialog Windows
4 - Preferences
1 - Display Preferences
2 - Licence Preferences
The Display Panel in the Preferences Dialog gives you control over how Project: Merge looks, and which elements of the user interface are displayed.

The Display Panel.
Changes the language Project: Merge will use for its menus and dialog boxes. It should be noted that the flags displayed are not indicative of the languages available. Future releases of Project: Merge will add additional languages as and when they become available.
Selects the font that will be used for displaying the XML files in the main part of the Project: Merge window.
Allows you to control whether the XML text will use Bold, Italic, or Bold Italic fonts.
Changes the size of the font for the main XML display. Hint: You can also change the font size when the preferences dialog is closed by holding down the Ctrl key and rotating the mouse wheel. Push the wheel away from you to increase the font size, and rotate it towards you to decrease the font size.
Show Overview Pane
Hides or shows the Overview Pane down the left side of the Project: Merge window. By default the Overview Pane is displayed
Show Toolbar
Hides or shows the Toolbar at the top of the Project: Merge window. By default the Toolbar is visible.