As of 2016-01-20 Project: Merge is officially a discontinued product
and we are therefore no longer selling new licences.

Existing licences and installations of Project: Merge will continue to work,
and most of this website will continue to exist.

We do, however, have a new website at where you can find information
about the successor to Project: Merge, Oso XML Merge.

All accounts for this website have been migrated over to the new site, and you should be able to
view and edit your existing licences as before - as well as upgrade them to Oso XML Merge licences.

6 - User Interface Reference
2 - Dialog Windows
4 - Preferences
1 - Display Preferences
2 - Licence Preferences
3 - Update Preferences
The Licence Panel in the Preferences Dialog shows you whether the copy of Project: Merge you are running has been registered or not.

When you are evaluating Project: Merge the Licence Panel will look something like this: The Licence Panel for unregistered copies.
Buy Now
Clicking the Buy Now button will open the licensing page of the Project: Merge website in your favourite web browser.
Clicking the Register button will open the Registration Dialog where you can enter your details and licence key to register your copy of Project: Merge.
The Licence Panel for registered users. As you can see, the Licence Panel clearly indicates that Project: Merge has been registered, and shows the user name and the date of registration.