As of 2016-01-20 Project: Merge is officially a discontinued product
and we are therefore no longer selling new licences.

Existing licences and installations of Project: Merge will continue to work,
and most of this website will continue to exist.

We do, however, have a new website at where you can find information
about the successor to Project: Merge, Oso XML Merge.

All accounts for this website have been migrated over to the new site, and you should be able to
view and edit your existing licences as before - as well as upgrade them to Oso XML Merge licences.

Two-Way Compare

Three-Way Compare

Two-Way Merge

Three-Way Merge


Feature Summary
  • Fast XML Parsing
    Our custom written XML parser out-performs all general purpose XML libraries we tested. (It is almost four times faster than TinyXML, for example.)

  • Dynamic Content Tracking
    For XML files where element order is unimportant, our XML process engine can correctly track and match elements that have been reordered. Additionally, for all XML files, our XML process engine can correctly match the attributes of an element no matter how they've been reordered or formatted.

  • Intuitive, Efficient User Interface
    Our easy to use, single-view display shows you more of your data with less repetition. Quickly navigate to the changes or conflicts you need to see.

  • Search
    Quickly locate any text string within the source XML files.

  • XML Comparisons
    Compare two or three similar XML files with each other and see what's changed. You can quickly see the differences and in the case of three-way comparisons where potential conflicts may lie.

  • XML Merging
    Merge two or three similar XML files into a single result file. Resolve more possible conflicts automatically, and efficiently resolve real conflicts.

  • Command Line Control
    Fully integrate Project: Merge with your favourite revision control suite through the powerful command line interface. Additionally the command line interface allows for fully automated merge operations - providing no conflicts exist in the XML files being merged, of course.

  • Low Price
    At just £19 per licence, Project: Merge wont generate sleepless nights for you or your accountant.
Project: Merge is a Windows® application for comparing and merging XML files. Comparing two or three XML files with each other allows you to see what's changed, while merging allows you to integrate the differences from the input files into a single output file.

Project: Merge can perform both two and three way comparisons and merges. A two way operation has two input files and, in the case of merges one output file, while a three way operation also includes a third input file which is considered to be the common ancestor of the other two input files.

Unlike many other comparison and merge applications that claim to support XML, Project: Merge treats XML files as XML, and not as text. Because of this small but important distinction, Project: Merge is capable of comparing and merging XML files far more accurately and efficiently than traditional merge applications that just compare on a line by line basis. The result is more accurate comparisons, and error-free merges.

Project: Merge also integrates into third party software through its comprehensive set of command line parameters. In fact, Project: Merge was primarily designed to complement the branch and merge facilities found in modern version control software suites. Additionally Project: Merge can also be fully automated to run three way merges silently through any scripting language that can spawn other processes.